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Here at The Foster Farm, we strive for happy tails. We believe in hope, humanity, hounds, and heroes. We believe in healing hearts and hands and pairing paws with people who love them. 

While most of our animals have known some sadness or hurt in their lives, they deserve love just as much as any other animal, and we think you'll agree that rescue animals make truly wonderful pets!

TFF News

June's Featured Pet

King is a high energy young dude who came up from Georgia with us at the end of March. He is incredible with people and kids and is okay with some dogs, but is struggling after a recent incident where a loose dog attacked and cornered him while he was on a leash. We are working with him to get him back to his friendly self! He's a little rambunctious with the foster cat siblings, but he hasn't harmed them at all. This sweet snuggler needs a house with a yard or a very active family. He'd also greatly benefit from someone with a strong background in positive reinforcement training. For more info, send us a message at thefosterfarmfamily@gmail.com!

Roadtrip, Rescue, Repeat

Have you ever imagined what you could do if you ignored all the limitations imposed on you?

That's what my team and I are striving for -- to do the incredible, the impossible, the wild, the unimaginable, the awesome. We dream of empty cages, of fewer unwanted pets, and of more happy tails. 

But how do we get there?

We grappled with this for a while, and then a friend's dream of living in a school bus became a reality for him. That's when it dawned on me -- we could buy a retired school bus, pull out all the seats, install a bunk bed frame, and drive around the country saving animals in high-intake shelters. 

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Trap Neuter Return

One of our biggest ongoing projects is the trap-neuter-return (TNR/TNVR) project for our local colony cats. In the last few months, we've spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and released over 45 cats! We've also been able to tame and adopt out quite a few kittens and one adult cat from these colonies as well. TNR/TNVR is a humane, safe way to manage feral cats who would otherwise continue to reproduce and damage local wildlife populations. To donate directly to TNR, please follow the link below! 

(Momma and baby pictured above: Momma Elderberry was TNVR'd and baby Cranberry's missing eye was closed up and she was adopted!)

Gear Up for Good!

We're always adding new products, designs, and colors to our TFF gear line! Part of all purchase proceeds are donated directly to the care of our animals, plus you get a comfy new t-shirt or an awesome mug!

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