About Us

The Basics

We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the livelihood of domestic animals. We function as a group of foster homes based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We aim to provide animals a comfortable home environment as they await their forever families. We pride ourselves on helping animals become well-adjusted, healthy as can be, and finding the family best-suited to each and every creature that crosses our path.

Adoption fees cover some of the costs of medical care, food, toys, leashes, collars, microchips, etc. The rest of our funding is provided by generous donations and our own personal income. We cannot keep our doors open without donations large and small!

We are inspected regularly by the local dog warden and licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture to ensure safe, sanitary, and humane living conditions. We are thrilled to announce that we are also in the final stages of 501(c)(3) charitable organization approval! We expect the designation to be in place in August 2018.



Emily is the owner of The Foster Farm. She fosters many animals in her own home and organizes placing others in foster elsewhere. She runs much of the day to day business of adoption.


Sarah fields questions and concerns and keeps the business aspect going. She has been part of The Foster Farm since its initiation. 


Morgan is our on-staff trainer. She will guide any new dog owner on the art of raising an amazing dog. Contact us for Morgan's help!

From Our Adopters


This has been a wonderful experience. Animal lovers are good people in general; those, like Emily, who rescue and foster are the best of all. My girls are already in love with Stella, who is clearly no stranger to love and affection. Thank you again.


We adopted a sweet little 8 week old kitten a week ago and it's obvious that he was well cared for and had a lot of contact with both humans and other animals. He loves to snuggle, is very friendly [ with other cats, dogs, and babies too ], fun, curious and smart ! I love having the option to adopt a rescued kitten from someone who shares my love for animals and have and would gladly continue to recommend adopting from here.


I adopted a young cat from Emily that just wasn't the right fit for our family. Not only did she take him back with no hassle, she found him a forever home, and offered to keep working with us until we did find the right fit. She's very professional and cares deeply about the welfare of the animals she rescues.


Emily rescued my 2nd cat, Gwin, along with her entire litter. Gwin was in bad shape when Emily rescued her - she had severe injuries, and like her brothers and sisters was in poor health from living on their own outdoors. Along with taking care of all her other charges, she tended to Gwin's injuries and nursed her back to health. I am so thankful for Emily's love and care and the time she took to make sure my partner and I and our home were the right fit for Gwin. She is a wonderful kitty companion and we are so thankful for both Gwin AND Emily! Emily is also always there for us and extremely helpful if we ever have questions and need advice - her caring knows no bounds.


Our beautiful white pittie, Elvis Joe, came from the Foster Farm. He is such a sweet boy with a lovely temperament. Emily raised him from birth until he came to live in our home. When I had to have shoulder replacement surgery she even kept him an additional 2 weeks until I recovered enough to handle a pup. Elvis Joe is little brother to Bella, (rottie mix) Jolene, (dachshund) and 2 kitties, Micah and Suki. We love having him as a part of our family. Thank you Emily!


Ruby was rescued by Emily from a very bad situation–she was abused, severely undernourished, flea infested, AND pregnant. Emily nursed her and her puppies back to health. We adopted Ruby and she is the sweetest, most gentle and loving dog there is. And, she seems to be loving her new family. Thank you Emily and Ruby!